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Growth Capital

Merchant Cash Advance from S$20,000 - S$200,000

One fixed fee, no interest

Pay back as you grow


Most of the companies we advise fall into these categories and are processing payments online.

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Online Stores
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Retail Sellers
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Mobile Games
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Paid Apps
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New Economy Businesses

Uprise provides merchant cash advance to purchase your future credit card and e-payment sales. Flexible payment schedule according to your business volume. There is no interest – just one fixed fee you know upfront.

Perfect for...

  • Managing fluctuations in cash flow
  • Paying staff wages
  • Covering unpaid invoices
  • Buying urgent stock
  • Managing seasonal fluctuations
  • Paying suppliers
  • Digital marketing expenses

How it's Done


Uprise provides a cash advance to Merchant to purchase its future credit card sales or e-payments receivables


Customer makes a payment at Merchant's store on online shop with credit card or other electronic payment methods


A fraction of card sales or e-payment to the Merchant will be split according to a retrieval percentage. Uprise receives a split payment of your future business revenue


Merchant receives card sales or e-payment after deduction of split payment


Growth Capital

How long does it take to receive an Growth Capital?

We currently aim to review and process within 24 hours with hopes to reducing that to just a few hours in the future.

What is the cost for applying to Growth Capital?

There is only one fixed fee associated with each advance which has no periodic interest. You will know exactly how much you are paying before you accept the offer and that fee will never change throughout the settlement process.

How do I settle the advance?

A fixed percentage (decided when negotiating your terms) of your future business revenue will be applied towards repaying the advance until it is repaid in full. There is no fixed due date as we understand there may be fluctuations in your business volume.

What fees and retrieval percentages are suitable for my business?

Different retrieval percentages can affect the size of the advance and result in a change in your fee. We will work closely with you to explore all the available options for your working capital needs.

Can I make any additional settlements towards my Growth Capital?

Yes. You can make additional settlements towards your outstanding balance at any time without additional charge. At the same time, automatic repayments will continue, until your balance is repaid in full.

What happens if a sale is returned?

The split payment from each of your sale is processed immediately. If a sale is returned, Uprise will not refund the split payment amount from the sale you generated.