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Uprise - Business Insights - Data-driven loan assessment makes credit access easier for e-businesses

Data-driven loan assessment makes credit access easier for e-businesses

Uprise - 2020/02/07

The online world is so diverse that businesses of any scale can find their way of survival and grow. Sadly, such cyber power has not cast much impact on the way loan approvals for small business loans works. Traditional lenders like banks are still reluctant to risk lending to seemingly unstable small businesses. But there is always a silver lining: the data-driven modal for loan assessment is on the rise. E-businesses have not been more welcomed by lenders as the innovative assessment modal unveiled the business potential in these loaners.

(Scroll down to the **TL;DR? section** at the bottom of the page for summary if you are in a hurry.)

**E-businesses are less likely to get financed**

It is not news that small businesses and e-businesses are easily turned down on financing applications. As conventional loan assessments rely heavily on credit records and proper business reports for evaluation, small business owners who may not have a convincing credit history or presentable tangible assets often fail to prove that they are financially stable and creditworthy.

**How does data-driven analysis work in loan assessments?**

While the business sector is getting more tech-savvy every day, and lenders like us should transform too. The data-driven modal, which is predictive in nature, includes alternative data as part of the credit score evaluation process. Take a look at our loan assessment model; 4 sets of data will be reviewed before make our lending decisions:

  1. 1. **Cash flow**: this reflects whether your business has sufficient funds for sustainable operation.
  2. 2. **Profit margin**: does the profit you gain enough for loan repayment?
  3. 3. **Monthly Transaction Amount**: this helps us to categorize your business into different scales.
  4. 4. **Website Data**:

Yes, data from your website and your social media accounts are valuable. They tell us how your clients (or potential ones) think about your brand by tracking various online behaviour, such as monthly audience, monthly return users and marketing dollar spending. They also help us predict how your business will grow in the future.

This mode of loan assessment requires less documentation and is able to shorten the approval time as fewer papers need to be reviewed.

**Why is this mode of loan assessment advantageous to e-businesses?**

E-businesses base a large part of their services online and spend most of their efforts on online management. Therefore, we believe that the business potential of e-businesses cannot be presented comprehensively in traditional business reports, but is rather hidden in online performance and digital data.

With the adoption of data-driven assessment modal, e-businesses and other forms of small businesses finally have an equal chance to prove themselves trustworthy and creditworthy. Having Uprise as a trusted supporter, online business owners are no longer the underdogs in credit access.


  1. - E-businesses are often rejected for business loans from lenders because of the inability to present convincing credit record and considerable tangible assets
  2. - **Data-driven loan assessment** incorporates unconventional digital data into the evaluation process
  3. - Uprise assesses applicant’s creditworthiness and business potential by analyzing 4 data sets: **cash flow, profit margin, monthly transaction amount **and **website data**
  4. - Data-driven loan assessment requires **less documentation** and **shortens approval time**

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