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Uprise - Business Insights - 3 simple ways to boost your Google Search Rankings

3 simple ways to boost your Google Search Rankings

Uprise - 2020/02/07

Brand promotion is all about two things: what do you think of yourself, and what your clients think about you. While it is true that you can gradually build up trust with your target audience through advertisements, it might not achieve the same effect if you want to impress them at first sight. So, how can we do this?

Actually, web users consider websites with higher rankings on SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) more credible and more relevant to their search intent. Thus, a higher position means more traffic and more business opportunities. Learn the following simple methods to improve your SERP rankings now!

1. Podcasts and videos are getting more influential

Compared to blog posts, podcasts and videos are more time-saving to you and also your audience; and that is why these two formats of content are gaining better reactions from both content creators and consumers. Recording multi-media content require less production time, so that businesses with limited human resources will be able to publish quality content in sustainable and effective manner. Referring to the guidelines laid down by Google, AI programmes would automatically transcribe podcasts and audio files into texts, and extract keywords from the transcripts for the adjustment of search rankings. It would be best to limit your podcasts or videos within 5 – 7 minutes, which would only take you 4-5 hours per week to produce content for the entire week or even two weeks.

2. Opinion-based content works better than informative ones

You may have already noticed that the SERP layout on Google has changed vigorously since last year. Different smart blocks (see image below) inserted between the top-ranking pages are distracting web users, and are getting in your way of attract more clicks into your site. When you type questions or keywords that can be answered with simple answers, Google would immediately display the answers to you in the search window or in the smart blocks, without clicking into any links.

To escape from the framework set by Google, you can publish more opinion-based content, which may include suggestions from experts, in-depth analysis and commentaries. This type of content provides no definite answers to an issue, and that can avoid Google from classifying your content into the ‘simple’ categories, so you will not get your hard work buried.

3. Review content titles

If you have been wondering why some of your quality content never made it to the top rankings, you should start reviewing the titles. Well-performing titles often include the frequently searched keywords about the topic and important figures (if any). You can also spend some time working on the meta descriptions of your content, summarizing the main ideas of the page. This will help web users to find the content that best suit their needs.

We would also like to recommend you to use Google Search Console as a complement tool. It is free-of-charge, and it shows a list of related queries web users searched to have your website displayed on the SERPs. The tool will help you locate underperforming keywords that have potential to move up the ranking list on specific SERPs more quickly.

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